The Navimeat Company

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NaviMeat™ programme is specific developed for the meat industry and draw on expertise and experience from the European meat industry. NaviMeat™ was elaborated by a Danish meat industry knowledge center in the 1990’s and was for a decade own and further developed by IBM.

The NaviMeat Company has been a partner and operator of Navimeat outside North America since 2009 and took 100% ownership of NaviMeat in 2011.

The NaviMeat Company comprises both profound technical knowledge and practical experiences with operations of meat industries, and has solid skills and competences within implementation, training and maintenance of NaviMeat™ at meat industry companies.

The company includes staff resources that have some 20 years’ experience with implementation and development of Navimeat™ as well as staff with more 20+ years’ experience with business operations in meat industry.

This unique combination of expertise and skills ensures a professional planning  and implementation as well as defining the most optimal solution for our customers.


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