Farmer Settlement  Farmer Settlement

The NaviMeat™ settlement module creates a basis on which the settlement process of animals / fish can be carried out in an efficient and financially prudent manner. This is a complex task which is normally very time-consuming to finance departments and difficult to control due to the large number of components involved. NaviMeat Settlement seamlessly tracks this data for you.

In general, the rules for the settlement procedure are based on the following  parameters:

  • Settlement principle
  • Classifications
  • Deduction codes
  • Addition codes
  • Subsidies
  • Taxes

The NaviMeat™ Settlement module points forward in time as data from enrolments are integrated from the shop floor equipment such as  weigh  scales,  grading  equipment,  vet  stations,  etc.  Therefore this data is immediately available in the planning module stages. However, it also points back in connection with the settlement of animals’ / fish in relation to vendors, farmers, haulers’,  etc.  This module also generates statistical material for subsequent causal analysis and reporting that you need to  control  your  business processes in areas such as diseases or weight distribution to name only  a few.