Order & Dispatch  order & dispatch

The purpose of the NaviMeat™ Order & Dispatch module is to create logical  and  efficient  coherence  between  the  handling  of  orders  and the physical handling and dispatch  of  the  company’s  orders.  The facilities in the Order & Dispatch module are very closely related to  the  facilities  in  the  standard  Navision  modules  Sales  &  Receivables and Inventory. Therefore, the following NaviMeat™ facilities are integrated in these  modules.

All companies need to find a suitable price and discount structure. NaviMeat™ easily performs this task since the Order & Dispatch module contains a flexible structure which makes it possible to combine individual prices and discounts at customer and/or product level or at customer group and/or product group level.

Furthermore, it is possible to operate with prices which have been agreed with, e.g., chains or purchasing associations. In connection with this, it is possible to retrieve statistical information regarding sales and earnings – either about each individual customer or   about an entire chain.