Data capture  Data Capture

By  way  of  the  Data  Capture  module,  NaviMeat™  automatically collects relevant information from the production floor with a view to ensuring the validity of data and to enable the swift flow of data from the company’s production facilities to its administration systems.

Since very few companies can  accept  long-lasting  operation breakdowns, NaviMeat™ has  been  divided  into  two  physical  layers: A production layer and an administration layer. These two layers are closely integrated, but can work independently in order to ensure operating  efficiency.

NaviMeat™’s communication with the registration and weighing equipment enhances the efficiency of the production flow, minimizes the  number  of  error  registrations  and  hence  ensures  a  swift  and valid information flow in the company. In this way the management foundation is strengthened, since vital information and statistics are immediately available to managers enabling them to make immediate daily decisions based on reliable and accurate data.

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